5K race training week 6: Frustration sets in

I was hoping to be building momentum by now, with just two weeks to go until our first 5K of the season. Instead, this was an incredibly frustrating week. Heat/humidity and severe thunderstorms became a major problem. I also think I might be getting burned out on this training plan. It’s starting to feel repetitive, and since it doesn’t build in cross-training, I always feel like I need to sneak that in somewhere.

Don’t get me wrong. I think Hal Higdon’s Advanced 5K training plan is providing a good structure for helping my sister and I get faster at shorter-distance running. But I’m eager to wrap this eight weeks up and try something different before my next goal race in July.

Here’s what was supposed to happen last week, versus what actually transpired:

Monday: 3 mile easy run. What I did: I planned to do this run on the Y treadmill, but wound up doing basketball drills with our 12-year-old and then going for a quick 300-meter swim instead.

Tuesday: 10 x 200 meters at 800-meter pace. I couldn’t figure out why I kept running out of gas on these, but it turned out that I wasn’t going slower so much as my sister was going faster, improving her previous best time in the 200 by at least 3 seconds. It was frustrating to eat her dust, but it was also kinda cool because I know every time one of us reaches higher it pushes the other one even harder.

Wednesday: Rest or easy run. We were going to do our 85-minute long slow run but ran out of time, so we settled for a 4-miler that felt like a struggle even at a fairly relaxed pace, given the heat and humidity.

Thursday: 40-minute tempo run. This time it was Traci’s turn to struggle, mostly because she’d forgotten her compression shorts and was developing some serious leg chafing. When she stopped to take a phone call from her son a little over halfway through, she waved me on and I went for it, because I needed a confidence boost and the last thing she needed was to tear up her legs with only two weeks to go.

Friday: Rest. We’d planned to sub in Sunday’s 85-minute run on the Vera Cruz hills, but ominous storms moved in just as we were planning to get started. Instead, Traci opted to do Saturday’s  “fast 6” on the treadmill and I headed out later in the afternoon to do the same on a neighborhood run. Trouble was, I went out too hard and the heat and humidity did me in once again. I wound up walking more than a mile in the middle and had to call Ben to bring me a Powerade. Blehhhh.

Saturday: 6 miles fast. Looking to shake things up in a frustrating week, I rode my bike to the bank, taking a longer but less busy route that wound up at about 10 miles. I had to hustle to make it before the bank closed, which guaranteed a good workout.  Because we were leaving for Indy shortly afterward for a college pal’s 50th birthday party, I hitched a ride home with Ben, who’d driven into town for a graduation openhouse.

Sunday: 85-minute run. Once again heavy thunderstorms undermined our original plans, but this time I was prepared. Not knowing what the day would bring, I did a 20-minute speed workout on the hotel treadmill Sunday morning in Indy. Then, when another inch of rain added to the weekend’s 4.5-inch total right when Traci and I were supposed to do our scheduled run later in the day, we decided to get in our 85 minutes alternating 20-minute chunks between my parents’ treadmill and stationary bike.

Total mileage: 23.5

Cross training: 300-meter swim. 10 mile bike ride plus 2 20-minute sessions on a stationary bike.

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4 Responses to 5K race training week 6: Frustration sets in

  1. Sandra says:

    It’s so frustrating when training doesn’t go as planned. I am hesitant to go on a much-needed writing retreat to finish my book because I know it’ll hurt my training. . . :-/

  2. someweighsomehow says:

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, looking forward to your answers!


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