Changing up the diet game keeps boredom at bay

I love how the concept of what constitutes “good” and “bad” foods changes from diet to diet.

I’m not being sarcastic here. I like to change up my diet from time to time, and one of things I love about doing that is that some foods I was previously avoiding can be savored without guilt.

After several weeks on the Slow Carb Diet last fall, for instance, where you’re allowed to eat fruit only on cheat day, it was amazing how satisfying it was to splurge on something as simple as an apple or even a strawberry.

Whereas during the early maintenance phase after my weight loss, when I was counting Weight Watchers Points Plus,  I really loaded up on fruit because it was considered a “free” food – you didn’t have to count it. I’d eat 3-4 apples or bananas a day, just to keep myself full so I wouldn’t eat other crap. They tasted a lot better than carrots and celery, but I ate them so frequently I wasn’t paying much attention to the taste at all.

Just in the past week or so I’ve been dabbling with monitoring fat grams, and for the time being it feels like being on recess. Cereal, baked potatoes, low-fat popcorn – suddenly all this stuff is dietarily desirable again, which is weird cause it feels like eating treat food.

Ideally, I’d have some kind of natural appetite control and just eat whatever sounds   good in modest amounts. It works better for me to count something – calories, carbs, whatever – or to limit my food choices in some other way. Periodically changing up what I count, or what I’m focusing on, keeps me from getting bored and makes me really appreciate the foods I do get to eat.

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