5K Race Training: Week 1

This was my first week on Hal Higdon’s advanced 5K 8-week training plan. Not surprisingly, I didn’t wind up following it very closely. Still, it helped to see what was supposed to happen over the course of the week, and it did prod me to get in what I perceived as the most important components.

Here’s a look at what was supposed to happen vs. what I actually did:

Monday: 3-mile run. What I did: Swam 1600 meters.

Tuesday: 5×400 meters at mile pace. What I did: 5.5 mile trail run with my sister.

Wednesday:  Rest or easy run. What I did: 3.5 mile tempo run on the way to pick up the car at the school, though I struggled in the afternoon heat.

Thursday: 30-minute tempo run. What I did: 5.5 mile trail run with my sister.

Friday: Rest day. What I did: Tuesday’s 5 x 400 workout (or at least something approximating it). Did this with my sister on the River Greenway rather than a track, as we don’t really have one available. Without a GPS, we had to guess where the halfway points were between half-mile markers. Still, it was a workout that really kicked our butts, and we recorded the times between landmarks to use as reference points for trying to improve in future weeks. We jogged a half mile warmup and walked the quarter-mile recovery zones. After we got those in, we did short pickups alternating with walk breaks before jogging it in. 4 miles total.

Saturday: 4 miles fast. What I did: This was my rest day, since we were going to be busy all day with a double-header baseball game and a graduation get-together at Rowan’s college. But I did get in a little bit of cycling riding down to the school to pick up the car.

Sunday: 60-minute run. What I did: A 6-mile run.

Total actual mileage vs. total plan mileage: 24.5 miles ran vs. about 18 miles on the plan ( based on my per-mile pace during time training sessions). Though I ran a little farther than what I’d have done following the plan more closely, I wish I’d gotten in that 4 mile fast run. Since we did two 5.5 mile trail runs, neither particularly fast, either of those could’ve served as the 60-minute slower run. So if I had it do over again, I would’ve done 4 fast miles on Sunday instead of 6 slower miles. But I’ll try to make better decisions next week.

Cross training: Swam 1 mile, biked 4 miles. (Would’ve biked farther but I had a chain problem coming back from the school on Friday and had to get Ben to come pick me up.)

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2 Responses to 5K Race Training: Week 1

  1. David Faust says:

    I’m thinking of starting this in a month once I’ve got my first marathon out of the way. I’ll be interested to see how you find it.

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