A kid’s point of view: A weird way to boost willpower

Did you know that watching reruns increases willpower?

According to Psychology Today, reruns lower stress and boost  willpower. The same is not true for new episodes. The stimulation of a new plot saps the energy that is needed for willpower.

colleenxcselfieI only watch TV on the weekend so it’s not like I’m going to come home from soccer practice and watch reruns. But I do like to watch favorite episodes of old TV shows like “Wild, Wild West.”

We won our soccer game last night 10-0 at Indian Springs. We won Wednesday’s game, too, but the refs were late and I had to hurry to make it to my softball game. We played a good team but I got three hits and we rallied to take the lead in the last inning. Then the other team had a rally and they tied the score. We were going to go into extra innings but it was already almost 9:30 on a school night and we had ISTEP tests at school the next morning so the coaches just let it end in a tie.

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