More evidence that I can’t outrun my diet

Just in case I needed any more evidence that it’s impossible for me to outrun – or outswim – my diet:

  • On Saturday I ran 7 miles. The next morning, I was up 3.8 pounds.
  • Monday night I swam a mile. The next morning, I was up 2.4 pounds.

I wasn’t very surprised in either instance because I’ve been tracking my ups and downs for several years now and I’ve seen this kind of thing happen many, many times before. It’s incredibly easy for me to overeat when I’ve been exercising a lot. And it’s not like I “pigged out” on either day. I just ate more than I needed to.

The best example of this came back in 2011, when I just assumed that I’d drop some weight over the course of nine straight days of running 10 miles per day. But I was voraciously hungry the entire time, and though I didn’t gain any weight over those 10 days, I didn’t lose any, either.

These days I don’t get too worked up when I post a gain after a high-mileage day. For one thing, it’s pretty easy for me to post a similar sized one-day loss by going pretty light on eating, even if I don’t work out.

I run and swim and ride because it’s fun and I like the challenge of trying to improve. And, in part, because I do get to eat a little more than I would if I led a sedentary lifestyle. But if I want to drop a few pounds I know I must adjust my diet, regardless of what I’m doing in my workouts.

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8 Responses to More evidence that I can’t outrun my diet

  1. Oh I hear ya! My body is soooo reluctant to let go of the comfort pounds these days. But I believe that it knows what it does and it will let go when the time is right.

  2. bgddyjim says:

    I find that when i eat has a bid effect on how much I eat and my body processes it. I like to eat very shortly after my workout. If I do, I’m rarely voracious afterwards. Good luck.

  3. bgddyjim says:

    Big, not bid. I’m tired! Wow.

  4. So, so true! I think I mentioned this to you in our phone conversation. I think that age just works against us. I like to treat myself when I do a long bike ride, but it’s so easy to exceed a reasonable caloric limit!

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