Finishing up a triathlon with a triathlon

I didn’t need any more running miles to finish up the 8-week YMCA triathlon, but after swimming 1.25 miles and cycling 19 miles on Saturday I couldn’t resist adding in a 3-mile run to make the cycle complete.

It was a cold rainy day so the whole thing happened indoors. Colleen and I went to the Y for a morning cycling session, got lunch at Subway, then went back for the swim. She was too pooped to tackle the rest of her cycling miles after that, so we headed home for a nap. It wasn’t until 10 p.m. that night that we took her over to my parents’ house to do some more riding on their stationary bike, and that’s when I got the idea to throw in a treadmill run just for the heck of it.

Total mileage for the standard version of this event was 26.2 miles of running, 112 miles of cycling and a 2.4 mile swim. I did a double: 224 miles of cycling and nearly 5 miles of swimming. Only 52.4 running miles were required, and I finished that up around three weeks in. (You don’t get any bonuses for extra mileage, just the thought that perhaps next year you might want to try for a triple or quadruple.)

I’m glad to be done with this so I can start focusing more on a training plan to get some PRs this summer in three 5ks and a half-marathon. But I feel much more confident now on both the bike and in the pool, and I want to keep up at least some of that cross-training for a possible sprint triathlon.

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