Protein-powder brownies


So yeah, not so photogenic, but tasty and full of protein.

We’ve been tinkering with these tasty bars over the last few weeks as spring sports season is gearing up. I tend to pack them as a pregame snack for Ben and Colleen. They also make a great pre-run snack, so long as I can hold myself to one — which isn’t always easy.

The original recipe, which came off a blog called, called for 2 cups of sugar (or a Stevia replacement); we’ve cut that in half without any noticeable sacrifice in taste. We also subbed peanut butter for the almond butter and regular skim milk for the almond milk, just because that’s what we had on hand.

Using Muscle Milk chocolate-flavored protein powder, and cutting the batch into 12 bars, this works out to 162 calories and 6.5 grams of protein per brownie.

proteinbrowniesbigsidesOne issue we haven’t resolved and have just sort of accepted is that this batch is a bit too much for an 8-by-8 baking pan but not enough for a 9-by-13 pan. We go with the smaller pan, preferring thick brownies over thin ones, but the batter tends to creep up the sides. This makes them less photogenic, but it turns out that nibbling on those mountainous crust edges has become part of the fun, at least for our family.

The recipe

Cassie samples the protein brownies.

Cassie samples the protein brownies.

¾ cup protein powder

1 cup sugar

½ cup peanut butter

½ tsp each soda and salt

1 egg

1 tsp. vanilla

½ cup milk

Mix dry ingredients, then add peanut butter, egg vanilla and milk. Bake at 350 degrees for … oh, I don’t know, until they look done or a fork in the middle comes out clean. (I’m highly dubious of projected baking times because they seem to vary from oven to oven.)


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