Y-tri update

This YMCA triathlon project has me a bit frustrated lately. On the one hand, it’s scattered my focus so that I’m not concentrating as fully on a running plan as I’d like to be. On the other hand, swimming and cycling are great cross-training tools – especially if I hope to do a triathlon at some point this year.

Part of me can’t wait for this project to be over (in less than two weeks, on April 26). But part of me is concerned that without a built-in incentive, I’ll stop cycling and swimming and just run again.

runlessWhat I need to do, I guess, is get a hold of that Run Less, Run Faster book and review those training plans that I found so inspiring a year or two ago when I checked it out of the library.  (As I recall, this book calls for three quality runs a week with structured cross-training. Training plans, for everything from 5Ks to marathons, are designed to enhance speed and not merely get you to the finish line.) Then maybe I’d have a plan for the week instead of thinking each day, “Now what kind of a workout should I be doing?”

Here are my current mileage totals since Feb. 22, followed by the number of miles still needed to complete the project:

Running: 102 (none)

Cycling: 154 (70)

Swimming: 3.25 miles (1.5)

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5 Responses to Y-tri update

  1. bgddyjim says:

    70 miles to complete the bike? No worries! That’s a Saturday… Before lunch! Good luck!

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