The hike that got away

Indiana StonehengeHow did we miss this? Just a couple of miles from “Indiana’s Stonehenge,” and we didn’t even know it until more than a week after we got home?

This is what happens in a county where a glorious state park and its quaint little artist’s colony-turned-tourist town sidekick suck up all the attention.

Turns out that Browning Mountain (it’s really more of a big hill overlooking the purposefully flooded town of Elkinsville that now lies at the bottom of Lake Monroe)  has a bunch of Buick-sized boulders on top that defy explanation, as they’re not native to the region.

Even weirder, some of them appear to be arranged in a semi-circular pattern.

But  we won’t know for sure until the next time we go back, because even though our  more-remote-than-expected cabin turned out to be just a few miles from the NEBO Ridge north trailhead in the Hoosier National Forest where the hike to Browning Mountain begins, we had no idea it even existed until after we were back home. (That’s part of the problem when you’re cut off from wifi access.)

I guess this trail is a little too well hidden. But then that’s what makes it all the more appealing.

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2 Responses to The hike that got away

  1. Flo Smith says:

    From Colleen’s blog last Friday, I think my family spent a weekend in this same cabin, A hot tub and pool table, and a remote location and also close to the Hoosier National Forest. I ran up and down the drive while my family was sleeping, I was afraid to wander any farther by myself. >

    • tischcaylor says:

      I ran up and down the driveway, too — it was a great workout going up that hill! Colleen absolutely loved that cabin, and knowing her favorite teacher of all time stayed there makes it even better. Hope you’re getting in lots of great bike rides up in Michigan!

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