Swimming 1 mile for the first time ever

Does it count if I did it sidestroke?

I know, I know.  I should be using the YMCA 8-week triathlon to work on my freestyle stroke in the event I get around to doing a triathlon this year. But I really needed a boost in my swimming stats, it was really appealing to attempt a nonstop mile, and there was NO WAY that could happen freestyle.

Not surprisingly, this took forever and a day. A little over an hour, though I’m not sure exactly how much ‘cause I hadn’t noted the time very specifically at the start.

On the plus side: It turns out that I can swim a mile at about the same pace I swim a quarter-mile. That counts for something, doesn’t it?

Also on the plus side: It turns out that sidestroke actually burns more calories per hour than freestyle swimming at a leisurely-to-moderate pace*. Who knew?

Anyway, so now I’m finally up to 1.5 swimming miles in the Y-tri, with 114 miles cycling. I got the running miles – 52 – a week or two ago, so now I need another 100 miles or so of cycling and another 3-4 miles of swimming, I can’t remember for sure right now. But clearly some more long swims lie in my future.

*According to myfitnesspal.com, swimming sidestroke for an hour burns 526 calories, while swimming laps in a slow/moderate freestyle burns 460 calories. Not surprisingly a vigorous freestyle stroke burns more — 658 calories. (Results vary according to the weight you plug into the calculator.)

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6 Responses to Swimming 1 mile for the first time ever

    • tischcaylor says:

      Thanks! I know you probably swim that just in your warmup, but swimming is a real struggle for me.

      • Sandra says:

        Nope! But i try to hit a mile at least once a week. A few years ago i could not do 50 yards. But i made myself swim three times a week. I am trying to do that for running. Jeez i am a terrible runner!!!!

      • tischcaylor says:

        Well, that’s encouraging. Maybe there is hope after all. Like if I quit complaining so much just start swimming more. Thanks!

      • Sandra says:

        Oh, there’s hope. Now I should quit complaining and run more. You swim more and I run more, deal?

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