A kid’s point of view: Good news!

After looking at my MRI results last week, the doctor said it was OK to go out for soccer. AND I lost 4.5 pounds last week in the family weight loss contest!

colleenMy foot still hurts a little bit during soccer practice sometimes, but it feels like it’s getting better instead of worse. Also, now that I know I’m not doing any more damage to my foot it’s a lot easier to take.

Soccer tryouts were really fun. I don’t think there are going to be any cuts. Instead the coach will just decide who is on the Gold team (which plays other schools) and who is on the Navy team and White team. Probably mostly 8th-graders will be on the Gold team, but my friend Dani might make it — she’s really, really good! The Navy team travels with the Gold team half the season and the White team does the other half. Then the Navy team and the White team play each other once a week.

We have three more days til the end of our weight loss contest. I think Madison and I have a good shot at winning, even if Grandpa’s sore tooth did help him lose a couple more pounds. And then we are going to an awesome cabin in Brown County for spring break. I can’t wait!

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2 Responses to A kid’s point of view: Good news!

  1. OmniRunner says:

    Hang in there and work hard. Careful with the foot, but if you want to be on the Gold team your hard work will get you there. Coaches notice hard work and fire in the belly.

    • turtle says:

      Thanks for the inspiring words, and sorry we’re late replying to this — just now catching up from spring break. I will pass this along to Colleen.

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