Y-Tri update: Running when you’re sick

I was fighting a nasty cold all last week that kept me out of the pool, but I did manage to run 16 miles and bike 29 to bring my Y-tri totals to 46 running and 61 cycling (with swimming on hold at ½ mile).

There were some days in there where the only time I didn’t feel like crap was in the second half of a run. Waiting for my sister to show up one day at the Greenway I huddled in the car, too cold and groggy to get out and stretch. But I knew the run would (eventually) clear my head and sinuses, and it did – at least for a while. (I never run when I have a fever, however.)

Most of those cycling miles came indoors, despite the increasingly nice weather.  I was just feeling too achy and chilly and whiny to contemplate riding in any kind of wind.

On the positive side, it was great to get in three runs with my sister after several weeks of her being sidelined with a ski injury. If all goes well, we’ll finally get back on the trail today. It’ll still be wet, I’m sure, but hopefully the worst of the snow melt is out of the way.

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