Y-tri update: Sneaking in an outdoor ride

Normally Mondays feel too crowded for much of a workout, but it was so nice yesterday that Colleen and I wedged in a quick 5-mile bike ride.

It was far from ideal, given that the Ossian path was flooded in several places and I didn’t realize until we got there that someone had lowered my seat and forgotten to raise it back up to where I like it. Still, it was great to be outside after that never-ending winter.

That ride pushed my cycling total past my running total for the first time in maybe, like, ever. Two weeks into the YMCA triathlon, I’m at 32 miles cycling, 30 miles running and half a mile swimming. With six weeks to go, I’m really going to have to get pedaling to meet my cycling goal of 220-something miles. But that’s a good thing.

My running has been in kind of a holding pattern the last month or so: Too many indoor workouts (I got really sick of all that cold and ice), with slight increases in intensity but a dip in mileage.

On the plus side, it’s great to finally get pushed into cycling and at least a little bit of swimming. I’m pretty confident my running will get back on track now that spring has apparently arrived. And today I’m supposed to meet my sister for our first run together in several weeks — here’s hoping her ski injury has had a chance to heal so that we can get back on the trails once all this snow melt has receded.

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