A kid’s point of view: Time for an MRI

I really hope I’m not claustrophobic, because on Wednesday I’m getting an MRI on my foot.

colleenIt’s so weird. I had like 10 pain-free days in a row after the doctor cleared me and then my foot started hurting again. At weird times like when I was practicing free throws or just walking down the hall at school.

I’m on Doctor No. 2 and still nobody knows if I had a stress fracture or tendonitis or some other weird thing going on. Nothing showed up on X-rays. So, MRI time. Wish me luck, because I have softball tryouts next week and soccer tryouts the week after that!

The good news is I think I did pretty well on my ISTEP tests this week and … I LOST ANOTHER 3 POUNDS LAST WEEK!

I think it’s mostly willpower because even though I’m doing the Y-tri I haven’t been working out all that much due to my foot. Madison and I are still going strong in the family weight loss contest as you can see from the chart below. Can’t wait to see how much we beat Grandpa by this week!

week 3 final results

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