Ben’s mighty meaty ‘masserole’

mightymeatymasseroleMy 17-year-old son the weight-lifting addict got this recipe off reddit recently. There is 5 pounds of meat in this cooking pot, people.

We adapted the recipe just slightly, using 2 pounds of roasted chicken breast (from the no-thaw crockpot batch) in place of ground chicken. To give it more flavor, we also added some leftover black bean chili instead of plain old cans of beans.

Other than the crapload of ingredients, it’s not hard to make and it doesn’t taste too bad, either. And Ben has been true to his word: He’s been steadily consuming this batch all week, and even takes it to school for lunch.

Here’s the original recipe, with our alterations in notes underneath:


2 pounds ground beef

2 pounds ground chicken

1 pound ground turkey

1 pound frozen broccoli

2 pounds frozen mixed vegetables

2 pounds frozen peppers and onions

3 cans black beans

2 cans chick peas

Notes: The first batch we tried a couple of weeks ago wouldn’t fit in my biggest crockpot and was kind of bland. This time we used 3 pounds ground beef and 2 pounds of roasted chicken breast for the meat. I chopped up 3 peppers and 3 onions and cooked them with the meat instead of using frozen, and we used 2 cans of mixed vegetables instead of frozen. For the beans, I dumped in a large (16 ounce) Cool Whip container of leftover homemade black bean chili, another can of black beans and a can of northern beans. This second batch is much tastier and is disappearing much quicker. It also fits — barely — in my largest soup pot.


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