Regaining momentum on a fitness challenge

What happens when you’re all fired up for a one-month fitness challenge – and then you miss a day? Is it over? Do you double up another day? How do you regain your momentum?

This is what I was struggling with over the weekend. I fell asleep Thursday night without remembering to do that day’s 2 x 1.5 minute wall sits. Then on Friday, while I was considering my options, the whiner inside me piped up and said, “What about tomorrow’s Chilly Chili Run? Do I really want to be sore for that?”

I wound up with a compromise: Instead of doubling up the day before the race, I did the previous day’s challenge, figuring that was the harder of the two and the one more likely to get me to the goal at the end of the month: a 5-minute wall sit.

And you know what? Instead of being sore for the race (which was actually a fun run, though I ran it so hard I wound up with a ferocious sinus leak that lasted two days), I felt STRONG. I doubt my quads are really that much stronger after just a week of wall sits, but in my mind I believed I was tougher because of them, and I plowed through that snow like a crazy woman.

Later I did that day’s assigned wall sits, and then on Sunday I doubled up: one set of assigned 3 x 1 minute sits plus the missing 4 x 1 minute sits from Friday.

So now I’m all caught up, and more determined than ever to get to the fabled 5-minute sit at the end of the rainbow.

This week not only calls for longer duration, but adds hands weights held above the head. It sounds intimidating — except for the fact that you build up to this one day at a time. And you only do a little chunk on any given day.

If you can get through the first week, it’s actually kind of addictive – and may even be contagious. After Sunday dinner at my parents’ house, I got my sister and sister-in-law to do wall sits with me. That led to talk of doing a 30-day plank challenge, and before we left Dad had organized another family weight-loss and fitness challenge.

Below is the 28-day wall sit challenge designed to get you to a 5-minute sit. I got it off another runner’s blog, but if you’re interested in other monthly fitness challenges you can find some here.


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2 Responses to Regaining momentum on a fitness challenge

  1. Martha B says:

    I hate when I miss a day of a fitness challenge. Admittedly, I usually just call it quits at that point. I want to try this one, though. I think I will start today 🙂 Glad you had a fun, strong race. I know that feeling of running so hard in the winter you contract a respiratory issue. That’s rough.
    Also, love the idea of wall sits with weights overhead. That’s raw core strength right there. All the good things! Cheers!

  2. tischcaylor says:

    Just did 3 x 1 minute while holding weights overhead. Good lord! But today is done… and tomorrow is easier, I think.

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