A new fitness challenge for February

So Colleen and I have started up a new fitness challenge for February: Wall sits.

This one seemed appealing because it’s so easy: Some days you can be done with this in 60 seconds, and at most you’re looking at a 5-minute daily commitment.

I am terrible about doing any kind of core work, so I figure this is a good thing to try. But what do wall sits – also known as the “Roman Chair” – actually do for you?

Well, apparently they build up your quadriceps, that large muscle group on the front of your thighs. This helps improve speed, according to livestrong.com,  and also helps with running hills, according to Joey, this blogger I follow who’s training for the BigHorn 100.

So, best case, I get a bit faster and don’t die as quickly running hills. But if nothing else, I like having some kind of secondary challenge going on besides my usual training, and while I can’t say this one sounds super fun, it does seem easy enough to fit into my day.

(I realize it’s already Feb. 4, but if you feel like trying this, it’s not too late to make up the days you missed, or what the heck, just start on Day 4.)


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