A kid’s point of view: Restoring a rifle!

Cleaning the barrel took a lot of work!

Cleaning the barrel took a lot of work!

By Colleen, age 12

I recently acquired a 1970 Marlin .22 rifle. The thing is, it was in pieces and bad shape. I’m fixing it up for a 4-H project. Uncle Rick is helping me since Mom and Dad don’t know anything about guns. He took me to a shooting range once and said I’m a pretty good shot.

I had to sand the barrel for 2 hours just to get it clean! Then I took gun cleaner over it three times and rinsed it three times. After that I put bluing on the barrel, let it dry. Put another coat on, let it dry. It took three coats!

This week I also started 4-H Rifle Club. We haven’t done much yet but I think it will be fun. I did learn what my dominant eye is, though: My left one, which isn’t surprising since I’m left-handed. Some people’s dominant eye doesn’t line up with their hand and then that’s a problem they have to adjust to. I’m glad I don’t!

Here is a video that shows how to figure out your dominant eye.

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1 Response to A kid’s point of view: Restoring a rifle!

  1. bgddyjim says:

    You’re lucky! I’m left handed and right eye dominant. Fortunately, I’m a little bit ambidextrous – I shoot (rifle), bat and golf right handed. Good luck on getting that old rifle squared away! Too cool – and you’re very lucky to have a cool mom and dad who let you work on it and learn how to shoot properly.

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