The two sides of Janathon

Is Janathon a fitness incentive – or an invitation to take it easy?

Looking at how my month is going, I’d have to say it’s both.

janathon-participant-logoThere have been some days where I’ve done the bare minimum, just going for a walk or playing basketball with the kids, knowing that was enough to check off my daily activity. In an ordinary month those might’ve been rest days; I guess thanks to Janathon I at least got a bit of a calorie burn in.

On the other hand, not having a specific training goal made it easy to frequently settle for less than what I’d normally do. How many times this month have I turned in 20-minute treadmill runs? Quite a difference from last January’s 2-hour treadmill runs in preparation for a February indoor marathon.

Still, it’s been fun to not be so goal-oriented and explore a bit. If anything, I wish I’d done more “just for fun” workouts, like maybe trying snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.

I still hope to get something interesting in this last week, but having finally settled on a couple of running goals for 2015, I’m already shifting into training mode. And after taking it easy for most of January, that feels good, too.

Here’s a Janathon update from the last few days:

Jan. 21 — Ran 4 miles with my sister on the Bluffton River Greenway

Jan. 22 – 20-minute treadmill run at the Bluffton YMCA

Jan. 23 – 2-mile night run in Markle after dropping Colleen off for a rifle-restoration session with Uncle Rick

Jan. 24 – 30 minute treadmill run at the Y.

Jan. 25 – 4-mile neighborhood run in howling sleet and snow that pelted my eyes so hard I could hardly keep them open at times. (Yep, that was invigorating!)

Jan. 26 – Circuit workout with Colleen while listening to a “Guardians of the Universe” mix (that of course led us to track down the “Footloose” soundtrack that inspired it).

Jan. 27 – Intended to run the 4-H 5k course during Colleen’s Rifle Club meeting, but that didn’t work out so I had to content myself with an earlier 1-mile walk to the library after work. (For better or worse, Janathon strikes again…)

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