Adapting to a front-loaded food day

When I used to count Weight Watchers points, I’d get really nervous if I used up most of my points by noon. (And it happened A LOT, let me tell you!)

Over time I developed some tools to help me get through the rest of a front-loaded day, coming up with some filling foods that didn’t add much in the way of points. Egg whites and veggies played a huge role in that. Later, when fruit became a “Weight Watchers freebie,” I’d fill up on apples.

These days I tend to get most of my “fuel” during breakfast and lunch. I’m a super-early riser, typically up by 4 a.m., and that’s the part of the day when I’m most hungry. (This fits with my workout schedule as well, as I prefer to run or exercise mid-day whenever possible.)

The difference now is that I’ve gotten used to this pattern and so I no longer stress out about it, which would only make me think I’m hungry when I’m not.

I make evening meals for Bob and the kids, but I’ve gotten used to going light at dinner myself, typically having a couple of ounces of cheese or some other snack-sized meal. I’ll sit at the table and make some notes while we talk, because there’s almost always something that requires followup and I’d likely forget about it otherwise.  (I don’t have a smartphone, so that’s not a temptation.)

Anyway, it turns out that I don’t have to be constantly chewing to be a part of the dining experience. If we’re having something really tempting or we’re trying a new recipe, I’ll  set some aside for my lunch the next day, when I can eat it with gusto. (Occasionally, if I suspect that I might lose control, then I’ll have a “preview meal” for lunch that same day.)

Every once in a while, if I’m uncharacteristically famished in the evening, I’ll revert to my old trick of filling up on veggies and a bit of protein. But that doesn’t happen much anymore, at least when we’re eating at home.

By evening I’m starting to wind down, and I just don’t need – or most of the time, even want — much food at that point.

(Note to self: Was that really me who wrote that? How times have changed…)

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