A kid’s point of view: Back in action!

By Colleen, age 12

colleenLast night I went with my friend Dani to a soccer open gym run by the high school coach. First we ran 2 laps around the school. I fared pretty well, which was nice considering I really haven’t run since basketball. Luckily the doctor gave the me the “all clear” this week on my stress fracture. I still have to wear my brace for a while but finally I can play!

Then we did some cone drills that I definitely could have done better. Finally, the fun part came: scrimmage! I was on the same team as Dani. On one end of the gym, we used the wall pads for a goal. On the other side, however, we just put 2 bags of soccer balls about 10 feet apart against the wall. That was definitely the most sports fun I have had since I basketball!

I was fairly nervous about going to open gym at first, but now I really think I’m going to be fond of them. I mean, I got 13,000 steps on my FitBit! I usually barely get 12,000. Plus it’s interesting to run through the school when it’s dark and nobody is there.

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