A kid’s point of view: Janathon update

By Colleen, age 12

colleenI love the new Y. They have a lot of new machines that I really like, including: a revolving stair stepper, new elliptical sand treadmills, a new squat rack, a few new exercise bikes, and a couple new weight machines. The gym there is very good-looking, but only has four baskets for the 2 gyms. The ping pong table is also of good quality , and there are lots of balls. The pool looks suitable, but I have not had the chance to try it yet. The water fountain even has a motion-sensed water bottle filler.

Here is what I’ve done for Janathon so far:

Jan. 1 – First Day Hike at Ouabache State Park.

Jan. 2 – “Second Day Hike” at Ouabache State Park.

Jan. 3 – Rode the indoor bike trainer my sister got for Christmas.

Jan. 4 – Aerobic step workout at home.

Jan. 5 – Workout at the new YMCA on opening day.

Jan. 6 – Rode the indoor bike trainer.

Jan. 7 – Stayed home sick from school. I will have to make this day up at some point.

Jan. 8 – Lifted weights and did the elliptical and stair climber at the Y.

Wonder what I’ll do today? But even more than that, I wonder if we’ll have school. Yesterday it was canceled, and we had delays the two days before that and again today.

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2 Responses to A kid’s point of view: Janathon update

  1. winsometahn says:

    Great Colleen! Was school cancelled due to snow?

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