Janathon: Days 1-6

So much for daily Janathon updates on Twitter. I did one on New Year’s Day and that was it.

janathon-participant-logoI haven’t abandoned the challenge itself, though. I’m really loving the way it gets me to shake up my usual workout routine. While running is still my go-to form of exercise – accounting for half of my six Janathon workouts thus far – I’ve really enjoyed getting out for a couple of hikes and hope to try mountain biking in the snow once this crazy windchill moves on.

Jan. 1 – First Day Hike at Ouabache State Park. We got there too late for the official hike around the buffalo grounds, so Colleen and I went out on our own. Which was ultimately much more satisfying because with keen-eyed Colleen along, we made several interesting observations about the woods that I never noticed before, even though I’ve run this trail many times.

Jan. 2 – Another hike with Colleen and a 20-minute treadmill “ladder” run.

Jan. 3 – Besieged with endless rain, a multi-hour social event and inertia, I fell asleep on the couch watching “The Battle of Britain” as time expired. Decided to employ the makeup-a-workout principle only in reverse,  conveniently “borrowing” one of the two workouts on Jan. 2 and mentally assigning it to this day instead.

Jan. 4 – The beginnings of what I hope will eventually become a cross country-style workout. Jogged 1.3 miles down to the high school for an easy warmup, did some sprints around the light poles in the parking lot, then jogged home home for a cool down.

Jan. 5 – 40-minute easy treadmill run on opening day at the new Wells County YMCA.

Jan. 6 – Returning some Christmas gifts to the mall – where I go maybe once a year, at most – got me thinking it might be fun to do a brisk “mall walk” on a cold day. But my “must be productive” side prevailed and I headed home, where I employed the “CeAnn house-walking maneuver” instead.

CeAnn Weaver

CeAnn Weaver

CeAnn Weaver is the First Bank of Berne official I wrote about in September 2013 who tallied an astonishing number of steps in a company pedometer challenge using little tricks like making a separate trip from the laundry room to the bedroom to put away each individual piece of clothing.

Our house is pretty long from one end to the other —  thanks to an addition that was once a pool, then an apartment and now a rec room – and it’s not too hard to find things to do that can keep me on the move for 60 minutes. (Back in the early days of my weight loss, I sometimes just walked laps around the rec room for an hour.)  The trick is to not get distracted and absorbed in any one task. By focusing on the fact that I was mimicking CeAnn, I was able to keep moving.

This wasn’t really a workout, per se, but it at least served as a bit of a calorie-burner on a day of the week when I wasn’t looking to do any specific training.

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