A short test run in ‘screw’ shoes

screwshoesI’ve been debating whether to get a pair of shoes for the HUFF, but as of now I think I’m going to just refurbish a couple of pairs I already own with new insoles and some screws for better traction.

I tried this screw arrangement out on the school’s cross country course yesterday afternoon, but it was so stunningly flooded it was hard to tell if my shoes had better traction or not.

If nothing else, this short test run did alleviate any concerns I had about the screws poking the bottom of my feet.  (This pair of Saucony Kinvara 3s is fairly lightweight to begin with, pretty worn out, and has yet to be fitted with its new insole, so there’s not a lot of  padding there.)

The screws I used were No. 6, 3/8 inch. (Other posts I’ve seen have recommended No. 8, but my local hardware store didn’t have those.) I just made a tiny hole with the screw tip and then used a screwdriver to work the screws in. Takes a little patience, but not all that much time, really.

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2 Responses to A short test run in ‘screw’ shoes

  1. omnirunner says:

    LOL. I wrote a post on this last winter. You can use screws to add traction for winter running. I’ve even seen a kit for this at my local running store w/ a special screwdriver! Pa-lease! I think it was $20.

    • tischcaylor says:

      Hey, I wondered what happened to you. Got a new blog, I see. Glad I finally figured that out.:) … As for the screws, they’ve worked great in subsequent runs. Have yet to run on snow or ice with them, but they really add great traction to a pair of shoes whose previous “grip” had basically gone away …

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