Goodbye, holiday run streak

I was exhausted when we got home from my son’s birthday dinner Friday night, and it was pouring down rain. I laid down for a while, thinking I’d go for a treadmill run later that night. But when I woke up again it was 2 a.m.

That wouldn’t have had to be a deal breaker. It seems like you can bend the rules in all kinds of ways to keep a run streak alive, but I realized then that my heart just hasn’t been in this one.

The last couple of years, the run streak has been infused with a merry holiday spirit. I felt like I wasn’t just accumulating mileage so much as creating something interesting, and I’d try to come up with some cool or unusual runs to make it more exciting. Last year’s streak was also an all-outdoors event, which became an interesting challenge when the weather dipped below zero a few times.

This year’s streak got off to a disappointing start when we realized my daughter wouldn’t be able to do it with me due to what’s turned out to be tendonitis. And personally, my focus has been on preparing for the HUFF 50K. I figured I’d just run an easy mile on my rest days, and that worked for a while. Trouble was, I wasn’t getting any joy out of simply going through the motions to preserve the streak. Instead, I kept thinking things like, “In the time it takes me to go to the gym and hop on a treadmill for a 1-mile run that isn’t really helping my training goals, I could’ve done some yard work that not only would’ve worked my upper body, but really needs finishing up before winter settles in for good.”

I guess you could say I gave in to my inner Scrooge this year where the run streak is concerned. But I have fond memories of the ones I’ve completed in the past, and I’m sure I’ll do one again. Next time, though, I’ll make sure I’m really excited about doing it and not just going through the motions.

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