A ‘turning lemons into lemonade’ run

When my sister and I got to the state park for our trail run yesterday, we discovered it was once again closed for a “deer-reduction” hunt. After politely telling the clueless person manning the gatehouse that I’d appreciate it very much if they asked hunters to not dump deer guts in the middle of our favorite trail this time, we considered our options.

Traci wanted to head over to our parents’ place for a treadmill run, but I didn’t have time. The Greenway was out, too — I was wearing worn-out shoes I never use except on dirt trails, and pavement would give my feet a pounding. Finally I decided to stop at the city gym on the way home for a quick 40-minute ladder workout, figuring that wasn’t enough time to develop a shoe-related injury.

Anyway, the cool part was that those 8 mph minutes are getting easier to take – enough so that this time I added one minute at 8.5 mph and another minute (later in the workout) at 9 mph.

That’s a pace of 6:40 per mile. As I’ve written before, we’ve probably done that and more running untimed intervals on the Greenway, but those are usually pretty short stretches. Holding that pace for 60 seconds feels like progress.

So: Thanks, hunters. And this time, I’m not being sarcastic.

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