The run that got away

Sunday would’ve been perfect for a run to my brother’s house for my niece’s 2-year-old birthday party.  The weather was windy and overcast but nearly 60 degrees. The distance is very doable, a mere 5 miles. And it would’ve been a chance to get in a low-carb commute on the last day of the month.

As often happens, complications got in the way. Or maybe I put them there myself, who knows. At some point I realized that I was A) Cramming a lot into the day already and B) Not entirely confident about arriving at a largish family get-together in such an unorthodox fashion. Yes, it would’ve been no big deal to bring some clothes to change into, and I probably wouldn’t have gotten very sweaty anyway. But I’m already considered somewhat “different” within my fairly mainstream family, and I didn’t feel like adding any more examples to that storyline.

So I jogged an easy mile to keep the holiday run streak alive and drove over to the party like everyone else, thereby ensuring that for the first time this year I went an entire month without a single low-carb commuting mile. (There were 29 previous days in November during which I could’ve done something about this, of course, but somehow I never got around to it.)

As for the party, my niece Kyla was unspeakably cute, my sister-in-law Darcy truly outdid herself in Pinterest-generated theme ideas and I did a great job of restraining myself from all the psychedelic pink and purple birthday treats.

Now, on to December…

Kyla surrounded by a circle of worshipping admirers.

Kyla surrounded by a circle of worshipping admirers.

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