A sentimental gym visit

The Bluffton City Gym has a deal where you can get a key for the last two months of the year for $28, or $14 a month. It’s kind of ridiculous for us to get one when we already have a Y membership, but our local Y doesn’t have a gym (for now) and the kids love going. We spent two hours there last Friday night — had the place all to ourselves, actually — and when I think what it would’ve cost us to go the movies, that seems like a worthwhile expense.

The funny thing was, we discovered that our lock was still on our old candy locker from last year – complete with a couple of Reese’s peanut butter eggs and an assortment of other holiday candy safely stowed inside.

The Reese Eggs in our candy locker would've actually been from Easter 2013, now that I think about it. Still tasted fine, though.

The Reese Eggs in our candy locker would’ve actually been from Easter 2013, now that I think about it. Still tasted fine, though.

Once upon a time – back when we had a gym key year-round – getting holiday candy out of the house and into our gym locker was the only way we could keep from gobbling it up within a couple of days. It was a hoot to enjoy an out-of-season Reese egg and a couple of snack-sized Kit Kat bars (I took my cheat day on Friday last week), but mainly it was cool to realize that none of us really need this crutch anymore. It was more of a sentimental find, a rite-of-passage thing, than buried treasure.

This year we didn’t go to any extreme measures to get rid of Halloween candy. I’ve adapted to eating sugary foods only on cheat day, and the kids are all excited about using a weight-loss app to monitor their intake and exercise for a family weight loss contest.  I’m not going to say everybody has iron willpower now, but we’re all much more aware of the consequences of a sugar binge, and in most cases would prefer to avoid it.

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3 Responses to A sentimental gym visit

  1. bgddyjim says:

    I have the willpower of a potato.

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