Low carb commuting miles for October

I didn’t walk or bike anywhere from home this month, which made it really tough to accumulate many miles: Just 4.5, basically from leaving the car wherever it was parked and walking to other errands around town.

One time I walked to the grocery store from the soccer field during Colleen’s practice, for instance. Another time I left the car at the Three Rivers Food Co-op and walked ¾ mile to a restaurant for a co-worker’s going-away lunch.  Knowing we needed to return some library books before the River City Rat Race, we tacked an extra mile and a half onto our mileage total for the day just walking back and forth from our parking spot at the downtown public library.

It’s disappointing how this project is turning out. An ill-timed injury destroyed my momentum just when I was really getting gung-ho about this in July, and I never really recovered from that. And now of course it’s hard to get any traction for cycling with the temperatures dropping. In retrospect, I probably should’ve just aimed for tracking my biking miles in general rather than trying to do all this commuting. I’d tie myself up in knots fretting over trying to make this or that trip by bike when I should’ve just gone for a bike ride.

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