24 miles (and 2 falls) in 2 days

I knew I was jinxing us with that “trail feet” post. We got through Tuesday’s 12-mile trail run with nothing more than a couple of close calls and some moderately sore muscles. But the next morning, when we wanted to build endurance for the HUFF 50K by tackling another 12 on tired legs, was another story entirely.

This was a recovery run, meaning we could go as slow as we needed to, taking a few walk breaks if desired. Which was fine. But a “relaxed” trail run doesn’t mean your eyes take a break from scanning for roots and rocks. That’s what I did, though, and I went flying – not once, but twice!

I scraped an elbow on the first one, but the second time was the cushiest landing imaginable, thanks to a thick bed of pine needles. (I think I actually felt better coming off that fall than I had before I tripped, but maybe that was just a distance running hallucination.)

The best part is that my achy-jointed sister came out of this two-day workout without being immobilized by pain. We were both a little stiff afterward, but nothing like if we’d been road running.

“If we’d done this on pavement, I wouldn’t have been able to sleep last night, I would’ve been in so much pain,” Traci said.

Not too long ago I doubted whether she would ever do much distance running again. Switching to trails seems to have extended her running career – and greatly enriched my own.

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