Bring on the cheat day boundaries (please!)

Can there be such a thing as too much freedom on cheat day? Apparently so. I’m finding that even though I restrict myself to just one day a week when I can eat whatever I like, whenever I like, I don’t really enjoy doing that all day long.

I don’t like having that question always in the back of my mind: Should I eat this? Should I eat that? What should I eat next?

It doesn’t really matter if I do eat this or that or the other thing, for that matter. It’s just one day. There WILL be a weight spike, but it won’t last – not if I’m patient and diligent, which I am. Now. Finally. But I’m really starting to hate that incessant nagging such so-called liberation unleashes in my mind. So, no, I’m not giving up cheat day. Are you nuts? But I’ve pretty much given up that “whenever I feel like it” part. Eating only during meals and designated snack times feels much more satisfying these days.

I can’t believe that’s me talking there, but I really mean that. How weird is that?

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