A kid’s point of view: Switching sports seasons

By Colleen, age 12

colleenxcselfieNow that cross country is over I have to come up with my own workouts. On Wednesday night, after cheering on our varsity runners at the conference meet, I went to the Y with my brother and practiced running at a 10-minute pace on the treadmill. This is about 3 minutes faster than I normally run so I did it for 2 minutes and 50 seconds at a time, with a little encouragement (meaning bossing around) from Ben.

Last night was the cross country banquet, which was fun (and tasty). Our team had a really good season and even won the state meet. We got certificates with our PR on them. Mine was 24:55. If I run next year I bet I’ll be a lot faster.

Right after the banquet was basketball practice. (Actually, I got to watch a few minutes of my cousin’s jv volleyball game first. It was the Bluffton-Norwell game and she plays for Bluffton.) Basketball is always fun but tonight it was extra cool.

At the end of practice, we were shooting free throws and I was the last one up. So far we were 1 for 7. Our coach said, “If she makes this, you don’t have to run.” No pressure or anything, right?

Well, the ball hit the back of the rim but it went in. Everybody was celebrating like we’d just won a game or something! It was a fun way to end practice.



Her school was playing our school.

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