A kid’s point of view: Crusader of the Week!

colleenxcselfieThis week I was chosen as Crusader of the week for Norwell Middle School athletics. It’s not as big a deal as Mom makes it out to be, but it is pretty cool. I got this certificate and a pin and a letter from the athletic director for my “effort, leadership, and sportsmanship.” (Obviously it wasn’t my fabulous speed that made them decide to choose me.)

This week’s meet was at Carroll. I didn’t like the course there because it was very boring. Just one big lap and then a smaller lap, all lumpy grass and no woods or even trees. I didn’t get a pr, which made me kind of mad since I felt like I had run my hardest, but it was my second best time of the year.


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1 Response to A kid’s point of view: Crusader of the Week!

  1. Gpa says:

    Congratulations Colleen.
    It is a big deal as they could have chosen any of dozens of other kids playing fall sports. Keep up the hard work. You are inspiring many people, showing them that many things are possible. I am proud of you.

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