What does a math metaphor have to do with a recovery shake?

It’s funny how just a few weeks ago my longing for Running on Healthy’s peanut butter-chocolate almond milk recovery shake instigated a Cheat Day binge of epic proportions when I couldn’t find the specific kind of yogurt the recipe called for – whereas it turns out there was a Slow Carb diet-legal drink satisfying that chocolate-peanut butter urge hiding in plain sight all along.

This is a perfect example of the infinite-triangle concept in action. In the mathematical world, an infinite triangle refers to the infinite number of smaller triangles that can pop into existence in any given triangle simply by drawing more and more lines to subdivide the original shape.

In one of my favorite blog posts going all the way back to 2011, I applied this concept to the idea of limiting the size of your dietary universe, knowing that “something good” will always pop into existence within the new, smaller space in which you’re operating.

In that instance, I was rewarded with a perfect container of strawberries. I ate the whole darn thing, sitting right there in my car in the parking lot.  Since then, I’ve often drawn on this idea to develop confidence that a solution will always present itself, no matter how limited the options seem to be on any given decision or quest, dietary or otherwise.

In this case, this is really a pretty simple and obvious drink that has nothing to do with any creative genius on my part, other than the realization that there was this simpler concoction that was available all along, and I just hadn’t noticed it before.

I’d assumed that protein powder drinks like my son makes when he’s lifting weights were out of bounds, figuring that they A) contain some kind of sugar, and B) taste terrible if mixed with water instead of milk (no dairy products allowed).

But Slow Carb Diet creator/blogger/author Tim Ferris recently blogged that when traveling he generally breakfasts on canned lentils and protein powder, indicating these drinks are a legal dietary choice. And when I mixed up a glass of dark chocolate Marked (Ben’s current brand, which is sweetened with just a bit of sucralose) with water, it was … decent. Not great, but not awful, either.

pb2Still, I wouldn’t be messing with the stuff if it hadn’t occurred to me to add a couple of tablespoons of PB2 to the mix. This is basically dehydrated peanut butter, with only 45 calories, 1.5 grams of fat and 5 carbs per serving – which makes it much more legal than actual peanut butter in terms of this diet.

The resulting “shake” doesn’t taste like something you’d get in the Dairy Queen drivethru, but it satisfies that chocolate-peanut butter recovery-drink craving without derailing my diet.

And thanks to the infinite triangle concept, I know that there are many more discoveries like this just waiting to happen.

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