A kid’s point of view: A boy butterfly!


By Colleen, age 11

We finally had a successful monarch! When I got home from school on Thursday he was hanging from the top of a mesh laundry basket we put over the box his chrysalis was in. I know he is a boy because of the little dots on his back. He is also A LOT bigger than our other butterfly that didn’t make it. He also grew much faster, but I don’t know why.

We can’t release him yet because it’s too cold. But Mom said maybe it will be warm enough on Saturday. We might take him to the Monarch Festival at Eagle Marsh and release him there. I can’t wait!

The bad thing about Thursday was that I skipped my cross country meet so I could go to my soccer game and then it got canceled because the field was so wet. Rachel did, too, even though she WON the JV race at the Manchester Invitational on Saturday.  She is getting so fast, it’s awesome!

Somehow we managed to win Saturday’s soccer game without Rachel.  We are undefeated! I couldn’t wait to play on Thursday, then I was so bummed out when we didn’t have a game. Mom and I went over to the cross country course to do some speed work. I took off my shoes and ran barefoot in the wet grass. On Saturday I am going to the meet and then zoom back for my soccer game. I am going to be tired but it should be a fun day!

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