Slow carb diet update (almost done!)

I dropped another 1.6 pounds last week, for a total of 8.2 pounds since Aug. 1 — all done with very little running.

I might go for another week or two (and another pound or two), but I’m going to start moving into maintenance mode soon. It’s fun to think what that might look like, since I’m basically cobbling that together myself, based on my experience with this and other diets from the past.

I know I want to keep a fuel-based approach during the week and allow myself a treat meal (or perhaps a “free day,” if that doesn’t prove disastrous) on either Saturday or Sunday. But I’m going to come up with my own “fuel blend,” some of which fits the Slow Carb mode and some of which does not.

I’ve already introduced my new favorite on-the-go  lunch: An ounce of nuts and two ounces of cheese. Dairy products aren’t allowed on the Slow Carb diet, but I had this yesterday and it didn’t get in the way of recovering from my weekend post-Cheat Day weight spike. This is a fairly low-carb lunch, very quick and portable and satisfying, and feels like a nutritional boost over cheese and crackers. (I got the idea from Tom Rath’s Eat, Move, Sleep: How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes.)

When I shift over to full maintenance mode, I’ll probably add an apple or some other piece of fruit, which will feel decadent indeed.

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