A kid’s point of view: PR !!!!!


Me and my friend Rachel after the race. She’s on my soccer team, too!

The Norwell Invite was pretty cool. I got a PR, and this time I wasn’t last, either! I finished about 40 seconds ahead of two other girls in the JV race, with a time of 27:40.8. My time was a little over 20 seconds better than at Maple Creek, which is awesome because our course is harder — we have a big hill AND the woods, while they just had flat grass.

I think my time was faster because I know the course. I’m not afraid of the hill, I love the shade in the woods and I  know where to speed up.

We have another meet on Saturday, but I have a soccer game at the same time so I am going to soccer. (Rachel is going to cross country because she has to run varsity that meet.)


Here’s a 4-leaf clover I found at cross country practice on Thursday. We are ALWAYS finding 4-leaf clovers in the grass. They are EVERYWHERE! (I didn’t know such good things came out of core work!)

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2 Responses to A kid’s point of view: PR !!!!!

  1. Flo Smith says:

    Congratulations I look forward to your updates. Love the picture of you and Rachel, you both are very special girls. Have fun and work hard at your soccer game!

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