The positive side of injury: Renewed focus on dietary discipline

One of the positives that’s come from being injured is a renewed focus on dietary discipline.

After several months of feeling like I was trying to “outrun my diet,” desperately attempting to burn as many calories as I was consuming – and ultimately failing, not in a dramatic way but nonetheless resulting in a slow creep of 5 pounds or so – it’s kind of amazing to think that I’ve managed to lose that and a little more (6.8 pounds total) during a time when I’ve hardly been running at all.

I’m not sure it ultimately matters what specific diet I’ve been following so much as the fact that I’ve been dedicated to it, knowing that if I continued to eat like I had been without my usual level of workouts, I’d be looking at another 5-pound gain – or more.

That being said, I’m becoming a little bit of a fan of the Slow Carb Diet. I still don’t like eating meat very much, and I miss fruit (which is the first thing I turn to on Cheat Day). But I do like focusing on “fuel foods” six days a week while having the freedom to do otherwise on Cheat Day. That feels like something I could live with, if I tinkered with the “fuel blend”  to make it something that appeals more to my tastes – maybe subbing in nuts for at least some of the meat, for instance, and adding some fruit.

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