Low-carb commuting miles for August

August was a disaster, between my hamstring injury and a household vehicle shuffle. I only managed 3 miles, riding my bike over to the school and back to drop off something or other  that Ben forgot. Even that left my leg hurting, so I stayed off the bike after that  because it seemed to affect the hamstring even more than running.

That’s not a great excuse for not doing any walking errands all month long, however. Guess I just temporarily lost my motivation for this project, especially after our oldest bought her first vehicle and the van she’d been driving fell back into the family rotation, giving us an equal number of vehicles and drivers for the first time since our son got his driver’s license. Sharing a vehicle with Ben over the summer had really motivated me to think of ways to get around by bike. The other problem was, because we spent most of August trading off the van and the Aveo, I had a hard time keeping my driving mileage straight.

But enough of the excuses.  My hamstring appears to be healed, or nearly so, enough that I feel eager to start riding again. There’s nowhere to go but up.

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