A kid’s point of view: 1st cross country meet

Editor’s note: Colleen had a bunch of homework after her first cross country meet, so rather than writing up her observations she consented to an interview. For the record, she finished the 3K sixth-grade girls race in 28:01

Q. So what did you think of your first meet?

A. “It was harder than I thought it would be. Mentally, it seemed like the course was longer than it really was because I wasn’t familiar with it and because you had to repeat part of it.”

Q. How does a cross country race compare with other races you’ve done?

We forgot to take pictures at the meet.  Here's Colleen at another 3K over the summer.

We forgot to take pictures at the meet. Here’s Colleen at another 3K over the summer.

A. “It’s a lot tougher. It’s on grass, for one thing. Also the competitive aspect of it. It’s a competitive sport with really fast runners, not a fun run with a bunch of old people joggers.”

Q. Did you ever think about quitting? (She was in last place from start to finish, and lost ground as the race went on.)

A. “No. I don’t believe in quitting. Besides, everybody was cheering for me, so I couldn’t just quit. I was surprised that people from other teams cheered for me. Everybody is such a good sport in cross country. Toward the end some girls from some other team ran beside me. It was cool that they did that.”

Q.  So Ben says you’re going to ramp up your workouts to try to bring your time down?

A. “Yes. I am going in with him at 6 a.m. tomorrow to get in some speed work while his team has practice. Then I’ll go to my team’s practice after school. Now leave me alone so I can go to bed!”

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4 Responses to A kid’s point of view: 1st cross country meet

  1. You are tough Colleen!!! And I LOVE that everyone was cheering for you and that girls ran with you–what awesome sportsmanship–that’s what it’s all about! Kudos to you!!

  2. Flo Smith says:

    Colleen –you are my hero–“I don’t believe in quitting”. Best life motto ever — mine is “not a quitter” and I have it engraved ony roadid as a daily reminder.

    • tischcaylor says:

      Colleen responds: “Thanks, Mrs. Smith! I miss you!”

      (And mom feels compelled to add: Much as she loves middle school, she has commented that no individual teacher measures up to her fabulous fifth-grade teacher.)

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