From last place at a 5K to USAT All-American

This was pretty cool: When I took Ben to Fort Wayne Orthopedics on Friday to have his  IT band checked out,  there was a huge poster in the lobby promoting local triathlete Diana Schowe.

From the poster at FWO.

From the poster at FWO.

I’ve written before how Schowe, 49, once was an overweight mom before taking up running and then triathlons. I knew she was good – she finished 2nd overall at the Nobleman Sprint Triathlon, just 4 minutes behind the top male finisher – but she’s also insanely tough, doing that race  a mere 2 weeks after having KNEE SURGERY. (Naturally I had to tease Ben about how he had his clock cleaned at that race by a woman his mom’s age.)

Turns out this summer’s knee surgery was hardly Schowe’s first. According to FWO’s website, she had a partial knee replacement in 2009 and a thumb joint replaced last year. But that clearly hasn’t stopped the leader of Fort Wayne’s Team Tritanium, a USAT All-American the last four years in a row.

Once upon a time, though, Diana brought up the back of the pack. On the FWO website, she notes she once finished dead last in a 5K.

Moral of the story: There’s hope for all of us, no matter how slow we are right now.

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