Slow carb diet update

I’m feeling less than thrilled with the Slow Carb Diet this week. I’m still recovering from Sunday’s post-cheat day SIX-POUND spike, with three pounds left to go as of this morning.

Last week’s slightly smaller gain resolved itself by Wednesday. By the end of the week, I’d had a net loss of another 1.8 pounds for a total of 5.2 pounds in about 10 days.

I’m not going to abandon this just yet. For one thing, I want to get my lost weight back! Also, I finally found my copy of Tim Ferriss’ Four-Hour Chef, so that should give me some more ideas on what to eat. But however much weight I do or don’t ultimately lose during this experiment, it’s been interesting to work on my dietary discipline “long game,” sticking to the program for at least six days at a stretch.

One option is to go 10 days between cheat days. (Or “treat day,” which is what I think I’ll call it from now on, because technically it’s not cheating if it’s programmed into the rules of the diet.) But at some point I suspect I’ll be better off if my daily regimen allows fruit and nuts — both of which I crave on treat day — and if my treat day is less of a bender and is viewed simply as a weekly opportunity to have bread and dessert.

One interesting thing about this process has been the realization that it’s not that devastating to go to a party or get-together on a “diet” day. I kept wondering about that leading up to a party last week at a friend’s house, especially since she’s something of a foodie. But Rachel only had a couple of fattening dishes and they were cut into small “tasting” pieces, whereas she had plenty of fruit and veggie options. I nibbled on some veggies, tried a dab of bacon carmelized onion dip, and indulged in 2 glasses of red wine (which is allowed on this diet).

The big treat of the night, though, was trying these tiny yellow light-bulb shaped tomatoes that were extremely tasty and turned out to have been grown on the same block where we used to live on Park Avenue.  (No, not THAT Park Avenue.) It was fun to meet the hobbyist gardener who brought them. Funny thing is, I might not have bothered sampling them at all if I’d been focused on the dessert tray, as usual.

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