A kid’s point of view: Cross country is hard work!

A Q&A with Colleen, who just started middle school on Tuesday, along with her first week of cross country practice:

colleenQ. Is cross country harder or easier than you expected?

A. Harder! I didn’t realize the warmups would be so hard. I thought it would just be some stretches. But we do a lot of running before we even run the course. And then there’s core workouts and dynamics and stuff!

Q. Is there anything fun about it?

A. Not yet. There might be later, but not yet. Right now it’s just sweat and sore legs!

Q. So what keeps you going?

A. The idea of getting in shape and thinking about my fitness.

Q. How do you like your new shoes?

A. They are awesome! They feel great, even walking around the school. And have you noticed the outside swoosh (on the Nike Zoom Structure) is red and the inside swoosh is blue?

Q. Have people on the team been supportive?

A. Yes, they have. When some of my friends run by me, they always say, “Go Colleen!”

Q. What’s it like doing cross country and soccer in the same season?

A. I am guessing it will be a fun challenge. Part of the reason I’m doing cross country is to get better at soccer. Thursday I had cross country practice right after school and then soccer practice at 6:30. I was tired, but I really, really like soccer so I wasn’t going to skip practice or not try hard in our scrimmage. But if I have a soccer game that conflicts with a cross country meet, I’m going to the soccer game!

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