Slow Carb Diet update: the dreaded ‘cheat day spike’

So much for the notion of a quick recovery from the dreaded “cheat day weight spike.” After following the Slow Carb Diet fairly rigorously for nine days, I managed to erase my loss in a single day. Two days later, I’ve only managed to shed 1.4 pounds of a 4.6 pound spike.

Strangely, I’m not as troubled by this as I might have thought. All along, I’ve treated this as an exercise in discipline more than a numbers game. What I am pleased about is that I managed to switch right back into disciplined eating the day after a bender, which hasn’t always been the case.

Whether or not it takes me all week to relose the weight, I doubt I approach my next cheat day quite as enthusiastically. It seems like a good idea to limit carb-dense foods to one day a week or so; it seems like a bad idea to adopt a “stuff the sack” approach in the process.

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t see myself following this diet into eternity. I’m just looking to train my mind into a more disciplined, fuel-based eating approach. I’ll fill in the particular foods that constitute that fuel at some later date.

A quick synopsis of my experience thus far:

How much weight lost: 3.8 pounds from Friday, Aug. 1, to Saturday, Aug. 9. (It may well have been more because I started the diet July 31 without getting a starting weight. I’d been eating badly all week and was too scared to get on the scale until the following day!) … This was followed by a 4.6 pound gain after cheat day, of which 3.2 pounds remain. So right at this moment, technically I’ve only lost .6 pounds on this diet.

What I like most: It simplifies my life in an abstainer kind of way by taking those “200 daily food decisions” off the table. I don’t have to decide time and time again whether I’m going to be “good” whenever I’m exposed to this or that temptation. Either it fits my diet or it doesn’t. If not, I can have it later, on my “cheat day.”

What I like least: Eating meat. For the time being, I’m dealing with this by eating refried beans and veggies for breakfast, then having eggs at one meal and chicken or fish at the other (with more beans and veggies).

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1 Response to Slow Carb Diet update: the dreaded ‘cheat day spike’

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Once I got my head straight I treated fixing my diet like I did quitting drinking… Let me put this very simply: Quitting drinking is HARD, so hard in fact that only THREE PERCENT manage five years or more consecutively. Sobriety with a cheat day is simply not possible.

    Food is a little trickier, sure, but it’s also simpler. The point is, when I watch my diet, I do not cheat. No need to make something that’s already difficult, harder.

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