This 70-calorie spicy chicken sausage works for me

chickensausageKnowing one of our recent dinner guests avoids eating mammals, we picked up a package of this chicken sausage to throw on the grill along with the brats. I was lured by the flavor options  — I believe we settled on spicy Italian with red peppers — without taking time to scrutinize the nutrition information. But when I tasted one that night, I was floored not only by the tasty blend of spices but by how lean the meat tasted.

Well, no wonder: Just 70 calories and 2.5 grams of fat each. I don’t really like the idea of eating brats anyway, and now we’ve stumbled on an alternative that’s way healthier, less disgusting (it’s supposedly made from higher quality cuts of meat) and simply (in my opinion) tastes a lot better.

Though they’re pricey — a little over $1 per meat tube at Kroger, though they’re on sale this week for less —  that’s comparable to what it costs to buy brats. I went back and got a package of this Wildfire Buffalo variety this week, and they are fabulous. Needless to say, this has made life on the Slow Carb Diet easier to tolerate!


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