Hummus: Dipping blind vs. dipping smart


I’ve been eating hummus like crazy this summer, and this week inadvertently tried a yummy new flavor – olive tampenade from Saba – that I might like even better than roasted red pepper.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but here’s the problem: Though I checked the label early on to get a rough calorie count (70 per 2 T. serving),  I mentally assigned this taste treat to the “mashed beans” category of food – but it’s really quite a bit denser than that.

Though a serving of regular hummus is just 1 Weight Watchers point, same as fat free refried beans, I can eat half a cup of refried beans. If I do that with hummus – especially this new flavor, which is 80 calories per serving – then I’m looking at 320 calories.

I’m not giving up hummus (which I now prefer to cheese, as it’s tangier and creamier). But I’m no longer going to merrily dip celery sticks in it to my heart’s content, either, because it’s WAY too easy to put away half a cup of the stuff — or even more, if I’m not careful.

So it’s simply a matter of putting the amount I want on a plate and sticking to that portion, rather than dipping blind. It’s not hard, just an adjustment.

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7 Responses to Hummus: Dipping blind vs. dipping smart

  1. Loved reading this! Hummus is one of my favorite foods and well and usually, I go for Sabra, but this time I tried making some from scratch! You should definitely try it – so easy and so delicious. The recipe is on my blog –

  2. Lacey says:

    I use hummus in place of things like mayo or butter. So yummy. But I must be sure to measure it out! Lol.

  3. Mark Smidt says:

    I have the same problem with hummus. Way too easy to overindulge.

  4. We use it in wraps for lunch. I like having a vegetarian option that I like, besides PBJ!

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