6 months without Diet Coke

Funny how six months have come and gone since my last sip of Diet Coke without my even noticing that milestone, which would’ve been July 7.

The only real temptation I can think of in that time came on our drive to Tennessee last month. I’d been napping in the car and woke up hot and dry and irritable. Heading into a convenience store for a bathroom break, knowing my turn behind the wheel was coming up, I had the impulse to revert to nearly three decades’ worth of conditioning and mark this “pit stop” with an ice cold Diet Coke.

Even in my fuzzy state of mind, though, two things stopped me:

  1. I knew this impulse was an “error message” from my brain, an echo from a previous existence that had since been overwritten with a superior program, even if I was having trouble accessing it just then.
  2. Caving in would amount to a very public fail. My husband wouldn’t give me any grief about it, especially since he remains a Diet Coke addict. But Ben and Colleen would never let me hear the end of it. And as a blogger, I feel obligated to report my failures as well as my successes. Would that fizzy cold caffeine taste as good, knowing I’d have to write about this transgression?

I got coffee and a bottled water and moved on with my life.

There are two morals to this story: Never underestimate the power of accountability, obviously, but inertia plays a huge role as well. Momentum along our current path in life is what keeps most of us from making positive changes. But once we do make that switch, it’s almost easier to continue that forward motion along the path you’re now on as to shift back to your previous, now tainted route.


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1 Response to 6 months without Diet Coke

  1. tischcaylor says:

    So I wrote this post up ahead of last night’s visit from an old friend now living in LA, and I bought PLENTY of Diet Coke because when we last got together he was a serious imbiber — he would routinely order a Diet Coke with his beer. But it turns out that Dave kicked Diet Coke a full 2 years ago. And his wife, Caroline, who it was fun to get to know better, has been Diet Coke free about six months as well. And this may or may not have anything to do with it, but they have the most adorable twin 3yo girls ever.

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