A kid’s point of view: A new running coach!

By Colleen, age 11

Since Mom and Ben are both injured weaklings right now, Aunt Traci offered to be my running coach to help me get ready for cross country.

colleenAt first I was scared she would be too tough on me. Wednesday we did 2 miles together after Mom did something to her hamstring. She wasn’t actually too hard on me, but I set higher goals for myself because I didn’t want to disappoint her. I didn’t get a pr but I did run pretty hard at times and it was a good run.

Yesterday Mom still couldn’t run and when she woke me up she said, “Guess what, you are doing 4 miles with Traci today.”  I wish she wouldn’t have told me ahead of time because I worried about it all morning. I was afraid Aunt Traci would “crack the whip” on me. It was pretty hard, but I was surprised that I could go the distance and do it about the same pace as my 2-mile runs. I still walked some, but not too much.

Aunt Traci is fun to talk to during our runs. Also, she and I decided to text each other when we do planks at night. I think Mom is starting to be jealous that her two favorite running partners are running without her!

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