Calorie ignorance is NOT bliss

I took the kids to Dairy Queen yesterday to celebrate turning in their 4-H projects, and since I was all hot and sweaty from running intervals with my sister, decided what the heck: I’d order a small Oreo blizzard with my grilled chicken salad.

From now on, I'm always going to check the menu to see if there's a smaller size than "small."

From now on, I’m always going to check the menu to see if there’s a smaller size than “small.”

When the guy brought our food, I was disappointed to see that Ben had ordered the same thing, only in a “mini” size that I didn’t even know existed.  I could’ve saved 220 calories without even trying, since all I wanted was a few bites of ice cream. Or viewed another way, I could’ve had the smaller blizzard AND a Hershey’s bar with almonds and still wound up with 10 fewer calories*.

Ignorance sucks. I was thinking about this recently when I stopped in at a McDonald’s and was scanning the nutrition information now posted on their menu board. Armed with this knowledge, there’s no way I’d want to add 100 calories to a vanilla cone by getting it dipped in chocolate (270 calories vs. 170) or penalize myself an extra 70 calories by ordering a Reese’s mini McFlurry when I could just as easily order the Oreo version (410 calories vs. 340).

Dairy Queen doesn’t put calories on its menu, but having previously looked up some of its nutrition information, I now avoid ordering a plain vanilla cone there, knowing that would cost me 330 calories – almost as twice as much as a plain vanilla cone at McDonald’s (170 calories).

*Dairy Queen small Oreo blizzard is 570 calories, while a mini version is 350 calories — still more calories than I want to deal with in a small ice cream treat.

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3 Responses to Calorie ignorance is NOT bliss

  1. bgddyjim says:

    That mini is a 5k at 7-1/2 minutes per mile. Like you, it’s a rare day I’ll partake.

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