Low-carb commuting update

I had to go in even earlier than usual to work yesterday, so I didn’t bother trying to ride my bike. But because that meant an earlier bedtime Sunday night, I left a gathering at my parents’ house early and rode the 16 miles home, leaving our son to drive his younger siblings back later that evening.

It was a great workout, which was good because I’d been engaged in “race day” feasting without really having worked up much of a sweat jog/walking with Colleen during Sunday morning’s Waterfall 5K. I had a little trouble getting going early on – a  “real” cyclist blew right past me at one point – but finished strong, doing the last 5 miles in my “push” (14-18 mph) range.

It worked out on the other end, too: Ben was anxious to get to my parents’ house sooner than the rest of us were prepared to leave, so he rode his bike over there.

Did our cycling save us a trip? I don’t know that we would’ve taken two cars to accommodate staggered arrival/departure times. But it’s happened before, so I’m going to claim my end as low-carb commuting miles, pushing my total for June thus far to 59 miles, 53 on the bike and 6 walking. As for driving, I’ve totaled 1,788 miles through June 23.

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